You January babies probably thought garnet was just a dark red stone…. you were so wrong.

  • Pyrope and Almandine garnets are the types of garnet that most think of when they hear the word garnet. They are usually a red color with brown tones- garnet color as opposed to ruby color– as in wine.
  • “Anthill” garnets are a form of pyrope garnet.  They get their name from the fact they are regularly found by looking for reddish garnet sands brought to the surface by ants.  These are extremely red- ruby red in fact, but can only be seen as smaller stones because larger ones are over dark. There are other pyrope garnets that are more of a cherry red to reddish brown “garnet color”.
  • Demantoid garnets (a type of Andradite garnet) are intensely green to a straw green, and are quite rare.  They are known for their ability to break up light into rainbows due to their high refractive index.
  • Rhodolite garnets are pinkish to purplish red, and named after the rhododendron flower.
  • Tsavorite garnet is the rarest of the grossular garnets.  It ranges from light to very deep green, and is brilliant even in small sizes.
  • “Mali” garnet is mix of demantoid and grossularite garnet from Mali in Africa. It displays lots of rainbow sparkles in various shades of green, yellow or brown.

Garnets are said to unlock the memory of past lives.  Garnet can soothe the wearer and enhance patience.  Red garnets will help the wearer find love.  Green garnets will help the wearer heal.