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Alexa H.


My opal engagement ring is my fiancé’s great grandmothers and needed some repair when it was given to me. We had gone to a different jeweller and he completely botched the job and not even a year later one of the opals fell out on a trip. We thought we had done our home work on finding someone who could work with opals, but this time we looked a bit harder. On our next trip to Boston we stopped at Skylight and I just got my ring back yesterday (two week turn around). I couldn’t be more happy! Not only did he find an opal to replace the missing one the day we were there, but the ring has never looked better. The band looks amazing. After having been worn for almost a century he got most of the details to still shine through. The opal settings which looked incredibly messy after the first guy now look clean and as if they belong on the ring. If I ever need to have it fixed again, I’m just going to send it straight to this guy. After months of worrying about finding the right person, I’m so glad we went to Skylight Jewelers!

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