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Anshul J.


My wife and I had our wedding rings made here, and we could not be happier.  My ring is platinum with a patterned rose gold inlay that was very complex to forge.  The metallurgy of putting gold inlay on a ring is not straightforward and the pattern is quite specific in its composition–also, I wanted it off-center.  Spencer was able to achieve all of these things, and the result is magnificent.

My wife’s wedding band had a different set of challenges.  Her engagement ring is a vintage ring (~90-100 years old) with intricately detailed engraving all around, and her hands are delicate.  In addition to his own depth of skill, his workshop and extended network are also deeply talented–he was able to find an engraver who could properly, and beautifully, replicate the vintage engraving from the engagement ring for the wedding band.  They match perfectly.

In addition to the pure skill of his craftsmanship, Spencer has an incredible sense of artistic aesthetics.  He intuitively understands what types of shapes best complement what types of hands and fingers.  And he really listened to us throughout the process.

I am still amazed that he was able to create these rings that embody so much in terms of personal stylistic preferences.  He was able to craft a wedding band for my wife that did justice to her slender delicate hands, and he was able to forge a ring that makes my pudgy, padded Vienna Sausage fingers somehow look graceful.

Lastly, the prices he charged were no more than at any other place we looked at but, in our opinion, the quality of the craftsmanship and the level of service he offered us was unparalleled.

People like Spencer are part of an ever-diminishing class of true craftsmen.  The opportunity to have our rings made by him is something I will always appreciate.

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