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I did a lot of research into jewelers, prices, methods, etc. before deciding that Skylight Jewelers was the best place to go to get a custom designed engagement ring.

Spencer, who seems to be the owner/head person, worked with me one-on-one to design a ring. He was honest, helpful, and fair. He knew all about the current trends, what worked, what didn’t. He was able to take my rough ideas and make them all work together to design an amazing ring. When it was all done, the price was extremely reasonable–even lower than I expected.

What stuck out to me about working with Spencer and other staff about Skylight Jewelers is that they take so much pride in the actual art of jewelry making. If I had an idea that they did not think would look great, they would tell me honestly, even if it would lower the cost of the ring. Spencer was excited to actually make the ring and work on it.

If you are going to propose, you’ll need a ring. If you need a ring, get a custom ring. Hopefully you won’t need to buy too many engagement rings in your life, so when you do buy one, get one which is unique and unlike everybody else’s. Get one the fits you and your significant other’s tastes exactly.

Two other quick things: Skylight can work with any sort of stone. We decided to do moissanite instead of diamond. They were very helpful in helping me pick it out. Also, they seem to do much, much more than just engagement rings. They have lots of interesting jewelry in the shop.

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