Boston’s Best Jeweler – Custom Jewelry Designs and Engagement Rings for Over 40 Years


Custom Jewelry in Boston

Ed Spencer, jewelry designer and owner of Skylight Jewelers, has been creating custom jewelry in Boston for over 40 years.

‘Education is unceasing. In the arts, experimenting and risk-taking are the keys to development.’ Whether the inspiration for a piece comes from his dreams or day-to-day reality, Spencer’s custom jewelry designs reflect his belief that jewelry is a personal statement about its wearer. He designs each custom engagement ring and piece of fine jewelry three-dimensionally building frontward, backwards, inside and out, keeping in mind the person who will choose and wear the finished jewel. ‘Finely designed jewelry should speak for itself, expressing, as any work of art, an energy of vision and soundness of the artist’s craft.’

Engagement Rings in Boston

One of Spencer’s specialties is custom designed and handmade engagement rings and wedding bands.  Each one that he creates is a unique opportunity to get to know a couple and work with the individuals to create the perfect expression of their love.  Each ring is hand-carved in wax and eventually transformed into metal through a casting technique. In this way our rings are really tiny sculptures with an organic structure and flowing line, rather than an assembly of parts.  Spencer will work with you one-on-one to develop a design concept and sculpt it into reality before your eyes.  Whether the ring is a surprise or not, he guarantees that she will love it!

Custom Engagement Three Stone Diamond Ring

Custom Designed Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands

Custom Carved Moonstone Sun Pendant

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Custom Engagement Rose Gold Two Tone Infinity Diamond Ring

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