Carved Moonstone Jewelry

Carved Moonstone Sun Pendant
Carved Moonstone Face Diamond Crescent Ring
18K Gold Carved Moonstone Sun Earrings

“Once in a blue moon…”

Have you ever noticed how life’s most magical moments seem to happen in the presence of the moon? There’s something hypnotic about gazing up at the moon. You stare at the moon drifting through the night sky and suddenly you feel the possibilities are endless…

There was once a time when it was believed moonstones were captured moonlight. Moonstones possess a lovely sheen that is produced by light reflecting from layers deep within. When a moonstone is carved, the light delineates and defines each contour, creating a secondary floating surface illuminated above the stone.

At Skylight Jewelers, our signature pieces are our moonstone carvings. Spencer hand carves each high quality Sri Lanka moonstone, imprinting the gem with a unique personality. Sri Lanka moonstone is rare and has the best qualities of light and a dreamy blue-white color. He carves them so that the gem captures and focuses light, thereby projecting an illuminated, detailed image. Even candlelight will enhance their luminescence.

Once the carving is complete, Spencer gives the moonstone a frosted surface so that normal wear and patina are not visible. Our moonstone collection includes pendants, earrings, cufflinks, bracelets, and rings. When you browse through our selection you’ll be moonstruck!

Have some of your own ideas for a design? We can create a custom piece for you!