Dendritic agate cabochons

Dendridic Agate Cabochons

Sterling silver, 18k, agate, cultured pearls necklace

Agate Disk Necklace


Agate is silica that has crystallized as microcrystalline quartz. It originates from the slow cooling of molten metamorphic rock – often volcanic. In it’s single crystal form (clear quartz crystal, amethyst, citrine) it is the definition of 7 in hardness.

Agates have been used as gemstones and carved gems since the dawn of history. The Greeks and Romans carved many as seals and signets.

Agates can be one solid color like carnelian and onyx, or banded in different colors, or display mineral inclusions.

Moss agates are lacy green mixed in clear quartz.  Some are also mixed with red, and when these colors concentrate into a solid green with spots of red it is called Bloodstone.

Picture agate is a jasper – opaque material with mineral inclusions that is cut to display scenes with mountains, bushes, lakes, birds- exercising the imagination.

In ancient times, agate was believed to have the power to heal and strengthen the wearer, providing protection.