Peridot and Aqua Channel Ring

Peridot & Aquamarine Ring

Faceted Oval Peridot Gemstone

Faceted Peridot Gemstone

Multi Stone Floating Ring


Peridot is mined from volcanic rock found in the United States, China and Vietnam.  It is also found in veins in solidified molten rock in Finland, Pakistan and Myanmar. Extremely rarely it is found in meteorites that have fallen to earth from space.

Peridot is the gem form of the mineral olivine and contains iron which is the cause of its beautiful hue.  This gemstone is one of the few that comes in only one color – green ranging from brownish to yellowish, or pure green.

Peridot has been used in jewelry since ancient times and can be found in Egyptian jewelry.  The Egyptians called it “gem of the sun” and used it for protection.

Peridot is the birthstone for the month of August.