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Pink spinel and diamond ring

Pink Spinel Ring

Black spinel earrings

Black Spinel Earrings


Spinel is a real, natural, attractive and rare gemstone.  The use of synthetic spinel in costume jewelry has lead to some misconceptions about spinel among consumers, but real spinel is in fact a natural material and more rare than either ruby or sapphire. Red spinel has been mistaken for ruby throughout history and so is found in the Crown Jewels of Great Britain as the “Black Prince’s Ruby” in the Imperial State Crown.

Red or “ruby” spinel is the rarest color of spinel and ranges in tone from red and pink to the spicy cinnamon reds we like to use in our jewelry. Spinel can also have beautiful lavender tones as well as purple, blue and many other colors. With a hardness of 8, spinel is a durable gemstone for jewelry.