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Project Description

William Henry Knives

William Henry blends state of the art alloys, timeless natural materials, and extraordinary craftsmanship to elevate superlative function to superlative art.  Their unique and exquisite products have garnered international press in more than 40 magazines and periodicals, and have won numerous industry awards.

All knives are limited edition so call for availability, or stop by our gallery to view our current selection.

William Henry B03 Molten Knife


  • etched ‘Mind Melt’ damascus frame
  • fossil dinosar bone inlay
  • ‘Jet Stream’ damascus blade
  • diamonds
  • $2,500


  • 24k gold Koftgari frame
  • inlaid with carbon fiber
  • ‘Raindrop’ damascus blade
  • spinel gemstones
  • $1,550
Gentac Cloud B30 William Henry Knife


  • aerospace grade titanium frame
  • spinel gemstones
  • ‘Intrepid’ damascus inlays and blade
  • $950
William Henry b10 Westchester Knife


  • aerospace grade titanium frame
  • Desert Ironwood inlay
  • signature ‘copper wave’ damascus steel blade with an extra sharp core in VG-5 steel
  • spinel gemstones
  • $800
William Henry Snakewood Gold

Snakewood Gold

  • 24K gold Koftgari in steel
  • inlaid with snakewood
  • hand-forged ‘Raindrop’ damascus steel blade
  • white topaz
  • $1,350

Copper Canyon

  • signature ‘Wave’ mokume frame
  • inlaid with a beautiful piece of orange spalted beechwood
  • ‘Copper Wave’ damascus blade with an extra strong core in VG-5
  • smokey quartz gemstones
  • $975
William Henry Monarch Slate


  • hand-forged ‘Croc Skin’ damascus frame
  • black DLC-coated ‘Wave’ damascus blade
  • Kashmir blue topaz
  • $900
William Henry b10 Blue Lagoon Knife

Blue Lagoon

  • aerospace grade titanium frame
  • inlaid with silver twill G10
  • hand forged Hornets Nest damascus steel blade
  • corundum sapphire gemstones
  • $750
William Henry B09 Moss Ridge

Moss Ridge

  • aerospace grade titanium
  • inlaid with green micarta
  • black DLC coated ZDP-189 steel blade
  • spinel gemstones
  • $650
William Henry Barracuda C15


  • aerospace grade titanium
  • S35VN Blade
  • red topaz gemstones
  • $595


  • aerospace grade titanium
  • ZDP-189 blade
  • red topaz
  • $300