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Platinum Moissanite Engagement Ring
Bold Swirled Diamond Engagement Ring
Moissanite Heart Engagement RIng

Custom Moissanite Engagement Rings

A custom designed moissanite engagement ring from Skylight Jewelers is a unique expression of your love and commitment.  Each ring that we create is hand-carved in wax and eventually transformed into metal through a casting technique. In this way our rings are really tiny sculptures with an organic structure and flowing line, rather than an assembly of parts.

Your choice of a moissanite gemstone is both ethical and economical, without sacrificing beauty and durability. And now there are even more options when it comes to choosing the perfect moissanite for your ring.

  • Each custom design begins with a conversation, so contact us now.
  • Come to our showroom – be inspired by our collection of finished jewelry and engagement ring models.
  • Or bring us your ideas and inspiration – we will work with you to create something truly unique.