44 School Street, Boston, MA

Viviane Boyd


Viviane Boyd "Painting to me is a release of deep emotions that linger in the subconscious. I do not use any model.  Instead I leave it to my imagination to do the creative process.  By using the paint in a bold manner and pushing the colors to create an impression of movement [...]

Riki Moss


Riki Moss Encaustic, a medium of heated beeswax and resin, is the oldest paint medium dating back to the first century. Pigments are added to the molten wax and layers poured, brushed, or put on with a pallet knife on a prepared panel. Images emerge by [...]

Joan Benotti


Joan Benotti Joan blends the actual with the abstract in mixed media pieces that integrate memory and story with pattern and place. “It is cut, ripped, patched, woven, sewn, painted, beaded, gilded, and frequently hinged. Often I build and attach articulated wooden shutters, or the pieces [...]