44 School Street, Boston, MA

Jerry Spaulding


Jerry Spaulding Jerry Spaulding combines over thirty years of traditional goldsmithing with his finely honed machining skills to make his beautifully crafted collection of wedding bands and rings.    

Chihiro Makio


Chihiro Makio Chihiro’s Flora Series features light weight and beautifully elegant forms inspired by Origami technique. Each sphere is carefully hand-crafted from twelve sterling silver triangles.  

Susan Freda


Susan Freda Susan Freda is a sculptor and jeweler known for her organic and intricate style. She employs form, light, and line as vehicles to create ephemeral and luminescent pieces. Her work is recognized for its unusual processes and for its delicate and exquisite craftsmanship. [...]

Janis Kerman


Janis Kerman Janis Kerman is inspired by the form, colors and textures of objects both artistic and common – her jewelry is based on geometric shapes: their inherent strength, applicability, and timelessness. Her work shows preference for balance rather than symmetry. Contact us for a complete list of available pieces.  Our [...]