Diamond Bypass White Gold Engagement Ring

Diamond Bypass Engagement Ring

Floating Diamond Crystal Ring

Uncut Diamond Crystal Ring

Three Stone White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

Three Stone Engagement Ring

Custom Engagement Ring Designs

Here at Skylight Jewelers we create custom engagement rings, wedding bands and commitment rings. Each unique ring is carved in wax, cast into metal, and finished by hand in our workshop at our studio in downtown Boston. We work in 14k and 18k yellow, white and red gold, and 22k and 24k pure gold, platinum, palladium, silver and stainless steel. Each custom engagement ring we create is unique because it is handcrafted to perfectly suit the wearer.

Learn about the 4 C’s of diamonds and get some tips on how to shop for a diamond here, or stop by the gallery and have us walk you through it in person. We also work with moissanite, manmade diamonds and Canadian diamonds, as well as the the ethically sourced diamonds we get through the Kimberly Process. And if you are considering a sapphire or other colored gem you’ve come to the right place – we’ll gem binge for you!

We have a beautiful collection of engagement ring style models, but you are not limited to what you see in the case! We can use any piece of jewelry in the store as a jumping-off point to invent a new engagement ring style. Or bring us your ideas and we’ll create a new ring design together. Custom jewelry design is our passion and we want you to have the perfect ring!